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Brooder Care
Brooding methods 
          There are three basic methods for brooding chicks.
1.        Spot Brooding: The chicks are provided with a heated area and access to a cooler area.  The chicks set their own temperature by moving from one area to the other. 
2.        Whole house brooding:  The whole area is heated and the chicks have no choice between hot or cold. 
3.        Partial house brooding:  This is much like whole house brooding in that the whole area is heated.  The difference is the temperature is set to the minimum amount needed for the chicks according to their size.
                You should turn on the brooder at least 24 hours before the chicks hatch or arrive.  The temperature should be set to 95° to 100° F.  You should reduce the temperature about
5° F each week until room temperature (70° F) is reached.   The chicks should be checked several times each day to see if they are comfortable.  If the chicks are bunched up under the heat source then they are cold and the temperature should be raised.  If they are as far from
the heat as they can get, it is to hot and the temperature should be lowered. If the chicks are scattered around the brooder and look comfortable then the temperature is right.
Brooder temperature settings
Age in days
Brooder temperature
95° to 100° F
90° to 95° F
90° to 85° F
85° to 80° F
80° to 75° F
75° to 70° F
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