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St.Run Guinea Keets (Hatchery Choice)


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AVAILABLE: June - August
Price: $85.00

St.Run Lavender Guinea Keets


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AVAILABLE: June - August
Price: $105.00

St.Run Pearl Guinea Keets


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AVAILABLE: June - August
Price: $95.00

St.Run Pied Guinea Keets


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We Guarantee LIVE Delivery!
AVAILABLE: June - August
Price: $105.00

Flamingo Pairs
Flamingo Pairs

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The Caribbean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber ruber) is a large species of flamingo closely related to the Greater Flamingo and Chilean Flamingo. With his deeply red colour the Caribbean flamingo is the most beautiful one of all flamingo-species; other ones are pink or white.

Scientific classification

Kingdom: : Animalia
Phylum: : Aves
Class: : Animalia
Order: : Phoenicopteriformes
Family: : Phoenicopteridae
Genus: : Phoenicopterus
Species: : Phoenicopterus ruber ruber

Where does the Caribbean Flamingo breed?

The Caribbean Flamingo breeds in the Galapagos Islands, coastal Colombia and Venezuela and nearby islands, the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, and in the northern Caribbean in the Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba and Turks and Caicos.

Where do Caribbean flamingos live?

The Caribbean Flamingo preferred habitats are similar to that of its relatives: saline lagoons, mudflats, and shallow brackish coastal or inland lakes. Like all flamingos, it lays a single chalky white egg on a mud mound, between May and August; incubation until hatching takes from 28 to 32 days; both parents brood the young for a period of up to 6 years when they reach sexual maturity. The Caribbean Flamingo life expectancy of 40 years is one of the longest in birds.

Caribbean Flamingo details

The Caribbean Flamingo is 120–140 cm in length; males weigh 2.8 kg and females 2.2 kg. Most of its plumage is roseate till red, giving rise to its earlier name of Rosy Flamingo and differentiating adults from the much paler Greater Flamingo. The wing coverts are red, and the primary and secondary flight feathers are black.

Another detail about the Caribbean Flamingo

The bill of the Caribbean Flamingo is pink and white with a restricted black tip, and the legs are entirely pink. The call is a goose-like honking.

Price: $10000.00

Johnny Houses
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Johnny Houses
The dimensions of “The Johnny House” are 3x5x3.5 feet and will house from 64 to 72 birds. The sunning area is 3×3 feet with rails and roosts to give the birds plenty of room to catch some rays. It features a 10 gallon watering capacity and fits up to a Options are available that allow you to attach any gravity fed remote water source to increase the watering capacity exponentially and a custom feeder to increase the feed capacity to 100lbs by using a built in shoot style feeder. Its construction consists of the most bulletproof materials we could find, intended to provide you with not just years but decades of problem free service. The siding is made of nearly indestructible MDO plywood which is a high resin content product developed for the sign-making industry. This high resin content helps it to resist the penetration of water which in turn keeps it very stable and resists swelling and warping. The frame is all treated and all hardware and wire are of heavy duty galvanized construction to insure a lifetime of good service. The Johnny House will house up 104 birds in short term holding situations and will keep 64 to 72 birds comfortable for up to two weeks unattended. There are two flush doors….one is a 34×9 inch door that opens the front of the sunning area and the second door is 32×8 and is on the bottom section to the Johnny House which is good for flushing and accessing the birds main living area. Both the feed and watering areas are dried in from the weather under the deck lids on either side. Every effort has been made to conceal and isolate these areas from the main bird holding area so as to facilitate the topping off of feed and water without spooking the birds or needing to flush the birds to access these areas. 40lb gamebird feeder.
Price: $1695.00

Assorted Asiatic Pullet Standards (Chicks)


We Guarantee LIVE Delivery!

Price: $100.00

Brooder Care
Brooding methods 
          There are three basic methods for brooding chicks.
1.        Spot Brooding: The chicks are provided with a heated area and access to a cooler area.  The chicks set their own temperature by moving from one area to the other. 
2.        Whole house brooding:  The whole area is heated and the chicks have no choice between hot or cold. 
3.        Partial house brooding:  This is much like whole house brooding in that the whole area is heated.  The difference is the temperature is set to the minimum amount needed for the chicks according to their size.
                You should turn on the brooder at least 24 hours before the chicks hatch or arrive.  The temperature should be set to 95° to 100° F.  You should reduce the temperature about
5° F each week until room temperature (70° F) is reached.   The chicks should be checked several times each day to see if they are comfortable.  If the chicks are bunched up under the heat source then they are cold and the temperature should be raised.  If they are as far from
the heat as they can get, it is to hot and the temperature should be lowered. If the chicks are scattered around the brooder and look comfortable then the temperature is right.
Brooder temperature settings
Age in days
Brooder temperature
95° to 100° F
90° to 95° F
90° to 85° F
85° to 80° F
80° to 75° F
75° to 70° F
Price: Price: Please call
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